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“The first time I heard of kombucha and was able to taste it was in California, a few years ago now. They always drank it and everyone kept telling me how good it was and how cool it was. Well, at first I was not at all convinced, a fermented drink, a little acidic and healthy, what good could it hide? In fact, I was very wrong, with time and habit I fell more and more in love with kombucha, its goodness and how well it made me feel. So much in love that then, back in Italy and after some training period with the best European brewers, I started thinking about founding my own brewery and then… everything else is legend! "

 I L  T E A M

Siamo un team appassionato, dinamico ed effervescente: crediamo nel rispetto reciproco e nel gioco di squadra e ci impegniamo ogni giorno per costruire il mondo che sogniamo, una kombucha alla volta.


We want to make Italians rediscover Kombucha

How do we do it

preparing for them the best possible Kombucha, respecting tradition, without compromising to make them fall in love with this ancient legendary tonic with an effervescent taste and unique properties.

Why we do it

In an increasingly fast and hectic world, Kombucha helps us reconnect with our inner selves and with the nature that surrounds us. Going back to basics to rediscover the best part of ourselves. This is our creed infused into every single bottle of Kombucha.

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The chop

The chop is the seal that was used in the East to authenticate documents and be identified for one's role. This is why the chop is the symbol of Legend Kombucha: different from everyone and true to itself.

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